March Madness PRP Face + POWERtrio

March Madness PRP Face + POWERtrio

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PRP Face + POWERtrio 

Over 60% off when you purchase 3 PRP Face + POWERtrio treatments!

Our PRP treatments are combined with microneedling to help fill in unwanted lines & wrinkles, tighten skin for a youthful plumpness, and requires no downtime. We call it "liquid gold" for a reason! 

HOW IT WORKS: After a quick and painless blood draw by our highly trained medical providers, we'll place your vial in a specialized centrifuge to create a potent concentration of PRP. We'll then take the PRP, combine it with your POWER Trio serum and expertly infuse them both into your skin using a medical grade microneedling device. This ensures these powerful solutions are delivered to the right depth to the active skin cells!

 It's easy, virtually painless, and offers benefits that can last over 18 months! 

Not a fan of needles? Our team will do everything we can to make your experience as comfortable as possible including the use of medical grade numbing cream. 

Your 3 treatments will be scheduled likely one month apart from each other to achieve best results. 

For your POWER Trio infusion, we create a customized blend of stem cells, peptides, and brightening agents to take your results to the next level! 

Trust us, at this price... it's one of our craziest March Madness deals ever!!


PRP Face + POWERtrio (3 Treatments): $1499 (Reg. $3800 - that’s more than 60% off!) 

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