March Madness Xeomin Bank

March Madness Xeomin Bank

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100 Unit Xeomin Bank.... #SmartTox!

Not Your Granny’s “Tox”!!

Say Goodbye to old school toxins, and say Hello to


- Unique & Different: Not just another neurotoxin, but a fresh approach to wrinkle prevention 

- FDA Approved: Backed by science for softening and preventing lines & wrinkles.

- Pure & Potent: Purified to include only the active ingredient —— nothing extra.

- Less Resistance: Reduced risk of allergic reaction or resistance due to the purity of the molecule.

-Enhanced Precision: Reduced molecule diffusion enables injectors to target muscles with greater accuracy.

- Quicker Onset: Notice the effects as quickly as Day 2!

- Smooth but Move: lose the lines without the heaviness or frozen appearance with this more contemporary toxin 

- No Downtime: Get back to your day immediately with consistent results!

100 unit Xeomin Bank: $999 (Reg. $1400)

*Offers valid while supplies last 

Questions? Give us a call! (925) 215-1160 



Limit 2 per patient

Must be purchased – cannot use existing credits

No exchanges or refunds 

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